0.1.3 is out !


Hylophobia is a free small horror game. You will have to survive through a forest while some creatures attack you. You will have a GPS device for finding your way in the forest. The game is currently under development and more features will be added.
DOWNLOAD Alpha 0.1 Windows

Alternative 0.1.3 downloads: (Installer .EXE version) (ZIP Mirror 1)

Older versions: (0.1.2 ZIP) (0.1.2 EXE)


- Play with a headset, because the sound is really important, as it may warn you about an incoming creature/monster.
- At the moment, the game heavily rely on pure randomness.

Patch notes

10/08/2012 - Alpha 0.1.3 "No More Random Death"
10/06/2012 - Alpha 0.1.2

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